!!! Welcome to 20th Rainbow Film Festival !!!

Celebrating 20th Anniversary of Rainbow Film Festival





Venue :

Genesis Cinema
93 - 95 Mile End Road
London E1 4UJ


Venue :

Rich Mix Centre
35-47 Bethnal Green Road
London E1 6LA

Venue :

Brady Arts Centre
192-196 Hanbury Street
London E1 5HU


!!! Programme for 20th Rainbow Film Festival!!!


Sunday 21st July to Sunday 28th July 2019
Date Time Venue Title Duration Cert.
Sunday 21st July 12.00 noon Genesis Cineam      
Monday 16th July 4.00 pm Brady Arts Centre      
Monday 16th July 6.00 pm Brady Arts Centre      

Tuesday 17th July

4.00 pm & 6.00 pm Brady Arts Centre      
Wednesday 18th July 4.00 pm & 6.00 pm Brady Arts Centre      
Thursday 19th July 10.00 am Brady Arts Centre      
Thursday 19th July 4.00 pm Brady Arts Centre      
Thursday 19th July 6.00 pm Brady Arts Centre      
Friday 20th July 4.00 pm Brady Arts Centre      
Friday 20th July 6.00 pm Brady Arts Centre      
Saturday 21st July 12.00 noon Rich Mix Centre      
Sunday 22nd July 12.00 noon Rich Mix Centre      

20th Rainbow Film Festival

20th Rainbow Film Festival will take place from Sunday 21st July to Sunday 28th July 2019 across east London to celebrate its 20th anniversary. We are planning to screen films from different countries of the world.

Facts :

  • Rainbow Film Festival is organised by Rainbow Film Society a non profit making registered charity in UK.
  • It is a community Film Festival.

Objectives of this year's festival are to:

a.  Bring in new audiences who usually do not visit cinema at all or visit very rarely including Asian families, Asian Women and Young Adults.
b. Encourage and engage into films Young People aged less than 16 years.
c. Engage and motivate young people of new generation into acquiring film making skills and possibly pursue further studies in film or make future profession as film maker.
d. Bring in those women who have never been involved in media but are inclined to work in film media.
e. Extend the reach of the festival beyond Tower hamlets.

The programme we are planning is as follows:

  • Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony including award-giving Ceremony.
  • Daylong women's film conference.
  • Films for children and young people (Film made by children will be screened and certificates given).
  • Short film and documentary session with workshop for Young Adult and Students.
  • 2 Q/A sessions.

Film Programme:

This year we are including films of different genres and from different countries with different languages to attract a variety of audiences. All films are with English sub-title to cater to wider audiences. Films we are including are exclusively available for this festival only and have never been screened in UK before. We received these films directly from the film makers/directors through our extensive connection.


21st July 2018: Genesis Cinema, 93-95 Mile End Rd, London E1 4UJ
22nd July to 26th July: Brady Arts Centre, 192-196 Hanbury St, London E1 5HU
27th & 28th July: Rich Mix Centre, 35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6LA

Organiser of this Festival the "Rainbow Film Society" is a non profit making charity organisation in UK promoting cultural awareness. A key target group of the festival is the local population that otherwise would have no access to such films. Most films screened are particularly appropriate for families to enjoy, and provides a safe environment to come out and enjoy such cultural opportunities. As Tower Hamlets is a multicultural society it is important to explore the history, cultures and traditions of other communities and through a better understanding of cultural diversity, promote racial harmony and community cohesion.

With our limited resources we try to achieve following through our festival:

* Provide access to different kinds of arts activities to local community.
* Interests have grown in all the community as this festival being organised regularly for last 18 years.
* We are connecting local and London-wide audiences.
* While organising this festival, we engage the local community to participate not only as audiences but also in the capacity of organisers.
* Make a real difference in terms of community provision and community development.
* Celebrate cultural diversity and extend cross-cultural understanding in the borough.
* Attract a family audience.

Our priorities are:

* This festival is open and designed to cater wider audiences including children, young generation, family, older people and people from all background to tackle inequality.
* Our festival will take place at Genesis cinema in Tower Hamlets. We have also included Brady Arts Centre and Rich Mix Centre to be new venue for the festival.

This year we are going to award the following:

Certificates and crests:
* Best Film
* Best Director
* Special Mention
* Best short / documentary
* Best Female Director

All participating films

We are inviting all concerned to submit films for this festival. Deadline for submission is 15th March 2019. All films must have English subtitle. We only prefer Blue Ray / High Quality DVD or digital format. (No DCP is accepted). Being a charity we are unable to offer any screening fee or reimburse any other costs to join the festival. Participating film makers are welcome to join the festival at their own cost.

For further information please contact
Rainbow Film Society
Montefiore Centre
Hanbury Street
London E1 5HZ
Email : rainbowfs@aol.com

Film Submission Form for 20th Rainbow Film Festival
sb11 sb22

Please contact


for electronic version of submission form.

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Genesis Cinema
93-95 Mile End Road, London E1 4UJ
Nearest Tube : Stepney Green
Rich Mix Centre
35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA
Nearest Overground : Shoreditch High Street
Brady Arts Centre
192-196 Hanbury Street, London E1 5HU
Nearest Tube : Whitechapel
Rainbow Film Festival Committee : 2018
dm MK JK SHF has lit SMA BADR

Derek Malcolm

Mostafa Kamal
Jayasree Kabir
Shamima Ferdous
Abu Musa Hasan
Kabirul Islam Khan
Syed MakibAhmed
Badrul Haque
Farida FHK Sel.a jb bul sai nad Nilu
Farida Kamal
Ferdous Khan
Selina Ahmed
Jobair Babu
Bulbul Hasan
Syeda Saima Ahmed
Nadia Lodi Wahab
Nilufar Yesmin
    im AHSH ZZ      
Imran Khan
Ahmed Muztaba Zamal

Rainbow Film Festival

is supported by :

Gen Ric yn kl jm hil ico dhak dh mc bet at ch nt

We look forward your participation !!!

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